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An Artisan Business since 2002
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We wholesale our soy candles. If you would like more information, please fill out this online form. Thank you!

Please be advised, we do not consign.

With Soyphisticated Candles, you will find actual handmade, hand-poured soy candles using no machinery or assembly lines. Every single candle is prepared and poured by hand, which ensures a quality you will just not find in mass produced candles of any kind. Customers notice quality, and will always return for quality.

Please provide your commercial tax i.d./resale number (this is supplied by your state, is not a confidential number, and not your social security number), phone number and physical business address. We supply wholesale information to businesses in actual storefront locations only, and we do follow up on the information provided. We will send the wholesale pricing page password information to you once all required information has been filled out.  You may then access the wholesale pricing located here on this website, and order via the website.

Remember,we specialize in custom fragrances, blending, and personal service. You will not find that just anywhere! Soyphisticated Candles makes a GREAT addition to your retail line! Customers will always come back for more.

Soyphisticated Candles stands behind its candles 100%. They have gone through many rounds of testing to ensure that the wicking is correct, and that the fragrances are great. If there are concerns, please call. Usage and caution instructions are on each Soyphisticated Candle.

 Since 2002, Soyphisticated Candles have been made in Mason City, Iowa, with natural and renewable soy, cotton wicks, exquisite fragrance oils and essential oils. We specialize in fine soy candles and superior fragrances for discriminating customers. We are an artisan business, privately owned, with no corporate ownership!
~ Each candle is made by hand, assuring better quality and attention to detail that is not possible with a machine-poured candle.
~ All wicks are properly centered and trimmed to correct first-burn length.
~ Each candle is wicked to ensure a full melt-pool from edge to edge of the jar or tin.
~ All candle containers are filled to their maximum capacity.

Soyphisticated Candles are made from a proprietary combination of soy and a small percentage of other vegetable waxes, with absolutely no paraffin added. This ensures much longer burn times (more than 30% longer) than is possible with paraffin. The renewable soy wax we use originates here in Iowa, as we strive to utilize our renewable resources and strengthen our heartland economy.

The design of Soyphisticated Candles is clean and uncomplicated, harmonizing with any decor.

~There are no dyes used in Soyphisticated Candles, unless by customer request.
~The natural ivory tones are very popular with customers looking for the highest quality candles in all fragrances, and allows the peaceful glow of the candlelight to show through the candle.

You will find that they burn cleanly, with little or no sooty buildup. Burning soy candles is healthier for you, your home, and the environment.

~No more soot deposits on walls and furnishings
~Cleaner air filters in the furnace and air condioner
~Less chance of allergy and asthma problems
~There are no harmful chemical components associated with the combustion of soy oil (wax)

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