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An Artisan Business since 2002
Soaps and Body Products

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you! Our wonderful handmade soaps are some of the mildest and most effective cleansers around. Once you use real soap, you won't want to use commercial detergent bars again! The lotions and creams are handmade right here in small batches in a clean environment, using many organic ingredients and a very mild but effective preservative system with no parabens. There are NO petroleum by-product ingredients in them, (such as mineral oil or petroleum jelly.)

*I do not use pre-made bases for my soap and lotion, the soap is old-fashioned cold-process type, not melt-and-pour 'glycerin' soap. The lotion and cream is made completely by me, and is not a base purchased from an outside source.

The organic lip balms are silky and smooth, for both women, men and children. Again, there are no petroleum products in them! Treat yourself to the zippy tingle of Peppermint, the warmth of Vanilla... your lips will love it!

Gorgeous Hair Sulfate-free shampoo and body wash uses a thick and extremely mild surfactant system to get your hair (and you) clean, without stripping if of vital moisture. Use sulfates in engine degreaser, not on you!

Gorgeous Hair Silicone-free conditioner uses organic virgin coconut oil as it's primary oil, along with wheat protein, panthenol, glycerin and honey, for a wonderful conditioning and detangling treatment for your hair. With a good blow-out when styling, you will notice fabulous-feeling hair for days. It can even be used as a leave-in conditioner when just a bit is used after towel-drying. Completely handmade and wonderful, not something you can pick up at your corner drugstore!

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