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Fantastic Laundry Soap

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Here it is! The answer to your 'naturally clean laundry' quest!

After being asked continually for a natural soap-based, detergent-free laundry soap, I finally went on my own quest to develop one that would work in both top and front-loading washers. There are no fillers used, everything in the soap powder is necessary for the cleanest clean, and the most 'natural' product we can make. We own a great LG set, and I wanted something effective to use on our clothes that would be safe for those beautiful machines, as well as our environment. We have been using it for over a year, and it has become extremely popular with customers who return for more. Here it is!

The powder is recommended for high-efficiency (HE) machines. The stain stick is a great stain remover- just wet the item, rub on the soap and scrub around a bit, throw it into your laundry and wash as usual.

The stick is unscented. It will not scent your laundry- you clothes will come out smelling clean. not like flowers, oceans or fluffy clouds. The powder is available in the essential oil scent Lavender Eucalyptus or Unscented. These will also leave your laundry fresh, soft and clean. Please do not use fabric softener. First of all, you won't need it. Secondly, it will interfere with the effectiveness of the laundry soap. You will get a handy little scoop with each bag of powder, unless you'd rather not have one. If not, just let us know