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All Vegetable Body Soap 3 pack
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Price: $22.00
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Prod. Code: VEGSOAP3

Save money and get THREE bars of wonderful soap! Just pick your fragrances!

FOR THE SCENT SELECTION MENUS FOR EACH PRODUCT, CLICK ON THE SCENT MENU AND SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW ALL SELECTIONS AVAILABLE. STOP ON THE FRAGRANCE YOU WANT TO SELECT. Some browsers appear to not show all fragrances on the list unless this is done. Thanks! *******Some scents may be out of stock, please see drop down menu when ordering.*******

LAVENDER - Essential oil scent, in a beautiful! bar with lavender buds sprinkled on top
BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA-  A white and deep raspberry pink swirl combination- luscious and tangy.  A best-seller.
GOAT'S MILK AND HONEY Unscented- a soft, natural sweet fragrance from the honey and milk- no added fragrance. Great for sensitive skin and faces!
OATMEAL, MILK & HONEY- with crushed oatmeal. The ultimate 'comfort' scent.
SWEET LEMONGRASS- Lemon, lemon, lemon and a bit of lemon. YUM!
BAMBOO TEAK- Complex clean/spice aroma, reminiscent of a spicy cologne and the exotic.
PEPPERMINT- Peppermint on peppermint with a peppermint chaser- you will feel the tingle
GROOVY- A multicolored swirl of fruits, soft patchouli and sandalwood and a bit of a floral note. Soapy wonderful!
SANDALWOOD- perfect woody sandalwood
VOLCANO YUZU- grapefruit, mango, champagne notes. zippy and fruity!

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